IRPC Activity Report 2019

Fost Plus

“The new blue bag will be in use right across Belgium by early 2021. All P+MD bags will be entirely sorted in this country. To really complete the circle, we are also looking to recycle in Belgium.”
Patrick Laevers – Managing Director of Fost Plus

The new blue bag – Key figures

of Belgium
by early 2021

23 kg
per inhabitant
new sorting plants
Number of sorting fractions:

For the IRPC, expanding the content of the blue bag was the key aspect of the new accreditation in 2019. We therefore kept a close eye on this issue.

It is very important that P+MD is sorted in this country. The IRPC also wants to focus on recycling within Belgian borders.

We will sort the new blue bag into at least 14 fractions (including the residues) and want to achieve the highest-quality recycling possible for each fraction. Some fractions will have a positive value, i.e. recycling will make money, while others will actually cost money.

In the case of fractions with a negative value, we explicitly impose the requirement to recycle in Belgium so that the process can be monitored closely. We will not go as far for fractions with positive value, but we do certainly want to encourage domestic recycling.

This is how we show our commitment to local recycling. The packaging waste collected in the new blue bag must be able to be used to make new packaging for the Belgian market.

Working groups set up in 2019

The IRPC has set up working groups, with different stakeholders, on a number of crucial issues in order to help build consensus on policy decisions.

P+MD sorting message

Formulate a clear and simple sorting message for the whole of Belgium about the new plastic packaging that may be placed in the P+MD bag

  • intensive consultation
  • 4 plenary meetings in 2019

Calculation of reference costs

Collect views and formulate a joint proposal for a calculation method supported by the various parties

  • intensive consultation
  • 4 plenary meetings in 2019

Eco-modulation of Fost Plus fees

Calculating Green Dot fees will become more complex

  • to pass on the actual costs
  • and support selective collection

Other stakeholders:

Federations of distributors, importers and producers of packaged goods
Sorting plants and recycling centres
Material Organisations

Strongly deterrent fee for:

  • packaging that hinders sorting
  • packaging that hinders recycling
  • non-recyclable packaging

intensive consultation
2 plenary meetings in 2019